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Sample line group properties & Sample section sources windows-

Sample line group properties & Sample section sources windows-

Sample line group prop & section sources-Mass selection not allowed-Section sources selections do not match SLG props.JPG




Both windows do not allow user to do multiple selections. So user must select for each entry its layer or style one by one.

Also these windows do not inform each other.

In Section sources window user does a first time section source selection assign styles and layers. After pressing OK Sample line group properties window should be inform with those layer and styles selections. But it does not. And vice versa.

Also effective selections are only those entered in Sample line group properties window.

Above windows elements selections should not differ.


I voted based on the comment about multiple selections. These should always be available!


I don't quite follow the other comments.


I absolutely agree with this idea. It is very annoying adding new Sample Section Sources in the Window if we cannot press the Shift key for Multiple Selection. Right now I have more than 30 items in my window:






Moreover, I did an idea about filter the items in the Sample Section Sources from a combobox to display:


-Display all.

-Display by corridors.

-Display by surfaces.

-Display by corridor surfaces.


And it would be interesting display them by folders or hide some folder.


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