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SAC: we need query tools

SAC: we need query tools



I purpose a new button called "highlight track" to highlight the track (branches). See the orange line in the picture.


Currently, we have to break a branch to check if it is the Yes/No Decision. However, some values of the points are missed when we do that.



Moreover, I would like to have more options to filter the codes in the Preview viewport, such as:




-Point codes.

-Link Codes.


-Name´s points

-Name´s auxiliary points

-Name´s link.

-Name´s auxiliary Link.



If we are within a FLOWCHART, we were able to show only the codes which are contained within that flowchart, not all the codes of the subassembly.


 I remind that we cannot get the value of a defined variable like Visual Studio.


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I have seen that right now if we click on an element (point,link or shape) in the view, that element is highlighted in the flowchart.


It´s good, but I would also prefer the button "highlight track".






Another thing I would like is information about the selected element in the view.

If I do click on the click, show this information in the view:


Length 2D

Length 3D

Delta Y

grade and slope


if it is a point: its coordinates.  (I Know I can move an horizontal target and elevation target to know the coordinates).

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