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SAC: Stock subassemblies (PKT files) open from Civil 3D

SAC: Stock subassemblies (PKT files) open from Civil 3D


New releases are adding PKT files for each stock subassembly. That is perfect but some users don´t know it.

I think the best way would be that the user (from Civil 3D)  right-click on a subassembly in the Tool Palette, the menu had an option "Open a copy in SAC" . Then it would create a copy of that PKT file and it would open SAC with that PKT.


It would be a fast way to edit a stock subassembly from a copy.


In OpenRoads is very fast create a copy of a "subassembly" (template) you just need "copy" and then "Paste" in the "Create Template" window.

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Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you for posting this idea. This is one of many enhancements we have under consideration for a future update of Subassembly Composer.

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