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SAC: Re-define (set)an invalid Intersection Point

SAC: Re-define (set)an invalid Intersection Point



In SAC we cannot add 2 points with the same name (Point Number) unless each point was in each side of a Decision.

In the case of "Intersection Point" or "Auxiliary Intersection Point" we generally check (using a Decision with "AP4.IsValid=True) if the point was created or not.

So in case the point was not created SAC should allow us re-define (set) again the same Point Number editing its properties. (similar than we create(define) a local variable and then we can set the variable whenever).


This way we can reduce (simplify) the code lines in our custom subassembly, because we could take advantage some links or points already created.


Maybe SAC could have "Set Intersection Point" or "Set Auxiliary Intersection Point".

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