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SAC: Offset Geometry to get Links from a loop.

SAC: Offset Geometry to get Links from a loop.

This idea would work in conjunction with this other one.


Imagine that you're doing benching on a hillside and you want to show a shape in the cross section representing the material that will be placed on top of the existing surface.


So you might have links L1, L2, L3 before the loop'd geometry and links L4 & L5 between the loop'd geometry and the surface.


Given that, I'd create a SURFACE LINK that starts at the hinge point and ends at the daylight point -- this might be L6.  So I create a shape with Links L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 & L6.  But how do I get the bench lines in there?  Inlcude LO.links in the list (if the Loop Geometry object is LO1).




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