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SAC: Loop (not the limited Loop Geometry per 2016)

SAC: Loop (not the limited Loop Geometry per 2016)

I would like to place a loop in my SA and within the loop, there will be an actual flowchart that I create myself.  I understand the reluctance to do this due to the possibility of an endless loop and the simplest solution to that problem would be to put a "Maximum Iterations" parameter that MUST be entered.  If the max iterations is reached, the loop would exit.


The Loop Geometry that you added in SAC 2016 is a good start.


Imagine that the Loop Geometry was used to create benching on a hillside.  Now imagine that I need a layer of gravel on the flat benches but grass on the slopes.  This loop that I'm envisioning would go from the daylight point back up to the top of slope iterating through the points created by the Loop Geometry (using this idea).  And for each link that is horizontal, offset it the required depth for gravel and create the required shape. 


And for the Max Iterations variable, set it to the number of links the Loop Geometry created (so Max Iterations would be set to LO1.links.count).


It´s a pity that the majority of the users don´t use SAC, I think, so they don´t add more kudos. In my opinion, they are great ideas about SAC.


@joantopo You're right. I've never used it so I don't feel comfortable adding kudos when I've no idea what something is.

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