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SAC: Intersection points between 2 surface links.

SAC: Intersection points between 2 surface links.



This is the typical scenario when your cross section is a "partial" cross section, I mean, it has a cut area and a fill area at the time. (it is not a full cut or a full fill section).

Many times, we want to label those points (intersection points between 2 surfaces: EG and Datum corridor surface.


I don´t want to use section view labels, we want to use section labels, so this means that the corridor must have a code point in that point.


My idea is using a second corridor with a custom subassembly: this subassembly will have 2 surface targets to create 2 Surface Link elements.


The issue is there isn´t any tool in SAC to get a Intersection Point collection between 2 Surface links and add for each new point, the same code point.




Instead, I know we could use the "MINIMUMDISTBETWEENSURFACES" command to get a pol3d which is the intersection between 2 surfaces, and use this 3dpol as offset target for my subassembly to create a code point in that location.

Or even, creating a volume surface which would had a contour analysis (user contour=0 meters) and then extract this contour to pol3d.


But, these workarounds are not dynamic because the result entity is a pol3d which is used as offset target and we have to update this pol3d every time.


I would prefer a way to create points in the intersection points between 2 surface links.




1) I don't see a second "SurfaceLink" in your screenshot.  I see a surface that is being crossed by a proposed corridor line.  The corridor line is a link.  if you have a Surface link along the existing surface, you could use "Intersection Point" set to Inersection:  TwoLinks" to find the point at which the two cross.


2) Surface links are just "Special" links -- but they're still links.  If you really do have two surface links, the same Intersection Point should be able to find the point at which the two surface links cross each other.  If they DON'T cross each other, then of course it won't find at point.


I took your image and added little annotation so I could better explain what I'm saying.


If you have one link going from Pt1 to P2 and a SurfaceLink (how is it defined?), use the Intersection Point to find where these two intersect each other.


Alternatively, you could just create another "regular" point from Pt1, targeting the surface and using the slope value of the link to define the slope here.  This would have the same effect as what I believe you're after.




P.S. Assuming for a second that the link highlighted in my image above is called L1, then try the following:


Yes, you are right.
I missed the Intersection point element in SAC.
The screenshot is not mine it is only a sample.

The issue is if there are multiple intercetion points between 2 surface links...

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