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SAC: getting a value via Report Message

SAC: getting a value via Report Message

Currently there is no way to get a value (from an internal variable, etc..) from a Report Message to show it in the Event Viewer in Civil 3D.




The "Report Message" element in SAC, has a property: Message, which all included in the textbox is String:


We cannot do like Visual Studio, to concatenate (+) several strings.


In C# it would be:

"the value is: "+ variable1.ToString( )


Then, if the variable1 is a double with a default value=55, the Event Viewer shows:


the value is: 55


I would get some values in the Event Viewer about the subassembly as an Informational messages.



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From an end-user POV, it drives me nuts when all I know is that "there was an error".  This would allow the person developing a custom SA to provide feedback that is actually helpful:  Instead of "there was an error", the developer could say "the variable X = 5.0 and the minimum is 10.0".  Then when they have a problem, they can either fix it or give the developer the info.

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