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SAC: Convert Geometry to Auxiliary Geometry (and vice versa)

SAC: Convert Geometry to Auxiliary Geometry (and vice versa)

It would be super convenient to be able to select a geometry element and right click and switch it to an equivalent auxiliary geometry element (when applicable) and then vice versa (change an auxiliary geometry element to a regular geometry element). 


The point or link (and shape because I want auxiliary shapes too, please, thank you) number would change to the applicable next in order (to prevent duplication of numbering) and any reference to that point or link would similarly switch to it's new reference. 

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Or instead of converting auxiliary points, in some elements such as creating a link (no auxiliary link) we were able to select 2 auxiliary points and automatically creates 2 points on them (similar than Surface link which create 2 points in the surface link).

This way, we don´t have to add 2 points ON the auxiliary points before creating the link and we could select auxiliary points to define a "normal" link.



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