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SAC Bug Report: Param/Var Name Already Existed. Can't Fix.

SAC Bug Report: Param/Var Name Already Existed. Can't Fix.

Currently using SAC2012 (but also previously experienced this in 2012 & 2014 as well).


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Define a Variable or Parameter called "Test1".
  2. Delete the Variable/Parameter Test1.
  3. Now try to once again define a Variable or Parameter named "Test1.

SAC throws an error that the var already exists (it must not have removed the declaration "behind the scenes" previously but won't allow you to delete or rename this instance of the Variable/Parameter either.  Plus the error dialog box is so tall and skinny that the button to close it is almost completely off my screen.  Thankfully, I recognized that the button is there and clicked it.  Once I've closed the dialog, I can close and restart SAC.  The PKT file reopens fine.




I think you must close the session and open SAC again to use the same name. Obviously it is ilogic.

As I said in my message, that's what I did. The reason I consider it a bug is that when the user deletes the parameter/variable, the definition should be removed at that time. If that were the case, then when I go to recreate it, I could do so without errors.

The size of that error box should also be addressed. If it were any larger my only recourse would've been to close SAC by way of Ctrl Alt Delete.

And on the flip-side:  If for some reason, they CAN'T remove the definition until such time as SAC is restarted, then surely they could mark it as "available".  I've deleted it so the only way I can actually use it is to recreate it.  SAC obviously knows it's not in use otherwise it wouldn't actually remove it when it closes out.  But yet when I try to use it by recreating it, SAC acts as though it's already in use.


After deleting the parameter, I realized that I should NOT have so I tried to recreate it.


One more thing:  instead of just telling me that the parameter already exists and forcing me to quit, you could allow me to choose a different name for the parameter I'm creating -- why isn't this error check happening sooner?

The bug is that when a variable is created it gets added to the <Flowchart.Variables>. When deleting the variable in the drawing it doesn't get removed from the list. Sometimes I don't want to redo work so I'll go in and delete the _copy version from the list and then find the _copy version instances and change remove the _copy part of it. Changing the file extension to zip and then unzipping it is a pain though. 


Pressing ESC should close that dialog box, or at least it has been doing that for me.


SAC Variables.png

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