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Roundabout Tool - Austroads Entry Curve Method

Roundabout Tool - Austroads Entry Curve Method

Hi All,

This is more of a question than an idea, i hope im in the right place (new user).


I love this tool and the immediate results using the Austroads 2009 standard pack installed with C3D 2020, excellent work here.


However, the entry curves looked too big to me, i set up a single lane rural roundabout with sizes i've done many times before. Sure enough, if i draw the entry curve as Austroads specifies it, this doesn't really work. has anyone else noticed this? Then I tried going deeper into the wizard, and adjusting the outer min entry radius and the inner one for the splitter island but felt i was really just mucking around with numbers to get the result i wanted.


It look like fundamentally, it drawings the entry curve different to how the guide does. I can't seem to control that. i.e. the arc is 55 or less and is tangential to the middle of the circulating carraigeway and 1 or 1.5m from the centreline. i noticed that the 2009 austroads guide has the same values as the current 2016 one, so shouldn't this work? 

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Apologies for the terrible spelling and grammar.

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