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Right Click Menu Ideas + Pipe Network

Right Click Menu Ideas + Pipe Network

I will not lie, I am a huge hotkey user. I love the right click menu when it comes to certain aspects. But if literally every button on the right click menu had a hotkey, I would be much happier and more productive. Here are a few suggestions:


I love using RC + d + (f or b) for display order stuff or RC + I + (I or H or E) for isolate tools. 




"RC + "s = select similar OR ATLEAST PUT IT ON THE BOTTOM. I have never used count selection. Except accidentally. If it wasn't in the RC menu, I would not miss it. I might celebrate.


"" p = properties REGARDLESS of the object. Profile properties doesn't work. Structure properties doesn't work. Pipe properties DOES work. It's very inconsistent. My brain is confused. I will never want to promote an object with right click hotkeys. CORRIDOR properties!!


"" s = style ->  EDIT style. Synchronize is cool but I will sacrifice it for select similar. My select similar to synchronize ratio is at least 50:1.


"" L = -> EDIT labels


"" G = Geometry editor - for alignment and profiles 

"" E = Elevation editor. Currently I have it F8 bound to what ever I am doing alot. Structure Properties or Elevation Editor.


Or make the right click menu editable in the CUI. The whole thing.




Also, please make the pipe properties display in the Design Properties menu if you click on a pipe or structure in the profile view. That would be cool. Allow me to change the size of the pipe in properties. I do a lot of storm water. please.




Maxwell Michel - Civil Engineer & Drafter

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