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Reverse Layout Profile when reversing alignment

Reverse Layout Profile when reversing alignment

When the profile view and the profile layout is created, the option to reverse alignment could extent to reverse layout profile. Currently, I have to reverse it manually by myself.


Demo video



Lecius Prado


Not sure how this is going to work.  Do you want the software to modify the profile view style for you when the alignment is reversed?  Or do you want it to switch to a different style, that is reversed?

No. I'm talking about profile, not profile view. I want the software to reverse the profile layout created when the alignment is reversed. It can't modify any style. I can imagine a check box for choose what profile will get reversed and an option in command bar to do or not to do the 'reverse profile' step. An example is when you create an urban road and then you have to reverse the alignment stations because client needs. If I just reverse alignment, my profile layout will not reverse and I have to do it mysel, like the video.

Good idea. But I think you need to MOVE/SHIFT the profile instead of reversing it.

For example in your design profile let us say at station 0+200 and station 0+300 the elevation are 50 and 60 respectively considering the ground condition. 

Say we reverse the alignment so that station 0+200 becomes 0+300 and station 0+300 becomes 0+200. (This is what actually happens when reversing alignment)

So according to your idea the elevations will also reversed as 50 at 0+200 and 60 at 0+300. But in reality the ground will not reverse. It stays as it is. So the profile should stay as it is without reversing but moving/shifting to match the ground coordinates of the previous alignment.

To be better, let us consider the begining of alignment at station 0+000 and the end at 0+300. In the begining you have 50 of elevation ground and in the end you have 60. Now, you design a profile with the same elevation of your ground. If you reverse the alignment, of course the ground will stay as it is, but profile view will show it at elevation 60 at station 0+000 and 50 at station 0+300. According my idea, the design profile could adapt the ground profile. I said reverse, you said move/shift, but I think the idea is the same thing. Thank you.

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