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Retain width for the dialog for the next time.

Retain width for the dialog for the next time.

When we open the Parameters tab (Corridor Properties) to choose an assembly of a Region, it shows a dialog as you can see in the following image:

We can edit the width of this dialog but C3D does not retain this width for the next time.

If the name of my assemblies are long names then I have to change the dimensions of this dialog every time...


This dialog should have an assembly PREVIEW (it´s a MUST HAVE) similar to the preview for labels or blocks.

And a "edit subassembly name" directly from here.

And also a assembly regions QUERY to check if the selected assembly is also assigned in another regions of our corridor.

In this dialog box should show a list of the region´s name that they have that assembly.

Moreover, this option (change assembly of the Region should be also in the context ribbon of a corridor as we can do to change the frecuency or targets directly without opening always the corridor properties..


select assembly.PNG


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