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REPLACEOBJECTWITH - Replace a C3D Object Geometry/Data with another C3D object's

REPLACEOBJECTWITH - Replace a C3D Object Geometry/Data with another C3D object's

I would like to see this command available for every civil 3d object. In both the toolspace and on right click menu’s/context sensitive ribbon. This is similar to the way styles can be replaced with another style in the settings tab. But instead, the C3D object would be replaced with the geometry/data of another Civil 3D objects. But more importantly, all the links would be maintained.


Example – Corridor Modelling (replacing objects instead of retargeting)

This would be particularly useful with corridor modelling. As it would mean targets would not need to be respecified, just the geometry of the target object is replaced and then the corridor can be rebuilt.

So for example below, I have a corridor that targets a feature line, this feature line is used as a conditional horizontal target as well as a target for its horizontal position and vertical elevation.

There are maybe 15 regions that use this one feature line and each region has 4 targets each. Some of the regions use a different subassembly. So using the “Match Parameters” command is not going to work.

Using the “replace object with” would solve this in two clicks. Instead of many clicks in the target parameters box.

Other Uses

  • Replacing Design Profile Geometry
  • Replacing Alignment Geometry
  • Replace Surface geometry with another surface. (rather than promoting and pasting in)
  • Replacing Point Data or Point Groups with another point group.
  • The list really goes on..

The Current Style Replace with.

Not available on all styles. But useful none the less.

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