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Replace surface and update references

Replace surface and update references



It would be great if Civil 3D had a feature where you could replace a surface with a new surface and update all references to the new surface.


For example, I have received a new drone survey that I need to data shortcut it into my drawing.  I now need to update all my longsections, cross sections and cut and fill to reference the new surface.  This process will take some time.  A tool similar to the "replace block" feature that would swap out the surfaces and update all references would be very helpful.


I know there are workarounds, such as having a container surface that I paste new surfaces into.  But this isn't always practical, plus it is another level of complexity.

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Hi @m_kingdon . Thank you for your idea. Have you tried using the Data Shortcut Manager dialog box to accomplish this task? This dialog box enables you to point a drawing object to a data shortcut within the project. In the example you describe, you could have shortcuts to multiple surfaces and use this dialog to point the drawing surface to a new version of the surface.

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