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Replace entity type in the alignment.

Replace entity type in the alignment.

There are some softwares where we can change quickly the entity type (fixed, floating or free) to another one.


For example:

Imagine that we have this secuence in the alignment:


Fixed line  ----  Floating curve ---- Fixed line


If we want to have a free curve instead of "floating curve", we have to remove the entity (press the button "X") and then add the free curve with the same input data (Radius, cross point,....)

My idea would be some buttons to replace an entity to another one, retaining the input data (radius,...)


Or for example, if we have a curve with spirals (the spirals are subentities) and we want the curve without spirals ( A fast way to replace it without remove the entity and then add a new entity in our own).



In Istram Ispol software, for example, it is very easy convert a curve entity to a line entity with the same data, we only have to put the Radius=0




Hi @joantopo - In alignment grid editor you can accomplish this already in the alignment grid editor. You can click on the lock in "Prameter Constraint Lock" column and then on the left you can change each subentity from fixed to free to float. Can you check that and let us know if it meets your (that part of) requirement?


However if you have only Curve and instead want to change it to SCS or a simle T - you are right that the elemnt has to be deleted first and then new entity have to be added.




Yes, you are right.

I tested it just one time and I didn´t remember it now.


Perhaps,if we want to convert an arc to a line or reverse. (a line is a curve with radius 0, or better said, infinite).



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