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reorder assembly construction items

reorder assembly construction items

Add the abililty to reorder construction items in an assembly. If you want to add something in the middle of an assembly, it seems like the construction order is last one placed is last. Allow the SA's to move up or down in the assembly build.


Yes, it´s a good idea.


I think that Autodesk has not implemented yet because of the input/output parameters.


Perhaps, in case of moving a subassembly to up, then C3D should throw a message report about that subassembly can´t get the "output parameter" of a previous subassembly.








-SA3 (output parameter "width")

-SA4 (gets the parameter "width" from SA3")


if we move SA4 on the SA3, then the "use parameter from" is broken.



Or maybe, we would be able to use this functionality just if that subassembly to move up/down hadn´t any "use parameter from".








Another twist with 2014.


I added a point that I forgot. I already had the corridor targets set. I need to move this point before another SA due to the parameter controls. I did this by selecting all the SAs after the point in question and performed a move. This did reorder all the SAs so that the point was before the other SA. The only problem, all the targets that were related to the SA I moved, where lost...


Is there any updates on this type of process. I have had times where I need to add a link and marked point or get a slope from a component but it is in the tree wrong and I can't reorder it and utilize the slope.

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