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removing user frequency stations by picking in the drawing

removing user frequency stations by picking in the drawing

There are 2 things that I don´t like about add/remove user frequency regions.


When we want to add a user frequency region, we have to press the button [Frequency..] about the selected Corridor Region if the corridor has more than one Region.


I would like a command, where we don´t have to select the properly Region (according to its start and end station) and we add that  user frequency station automatically in each BaseLine of the selected corridor. This way, we don´t have to check which is the properly Region.


For example, if my corridor has 2 BaseLines, this command will check if some region is in the range of the picked station and then it will add this station in that region.


I would like the same, but removing user frequency stations, where we can select the corridor in the drawing and then we can pick a point (station) in the drawing. If some region (of each BaseLine) contains that user frequency region, then that station is removed.

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This new command would ask to the user from the command line, the following :


-select corridor (from a list or from the drawing).

-select alignment.


Then, we pick points in the drawing to get stations about the selected alignment.

Finally, this function checks for each baseline of the selected corridor, if the selected alignment belows to some baseLine of the selected corridor.


If it is true, check which is the region that contains that station and add it as user frequency to that Region.

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