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Reference Text in Tables

Reference Text in Tables

I would like to be able to have reference text in tables. One possible way it may work is to have the option to add a reference object column in the table style. When the user selects a single row or a group of rows, the user has the option to alter the references in the properties window. I would use this extensively to label station and offsets for cogo points, other alignments, etc.

We use the Civil3D tables to export Pipes and Structures information to excel.

However, we lack the ability of customizing the table and adding more data.

For the labels it is possible to use "Reference Text", but not in the Tables.

For example we want to export the Surface Elevation of a Structure from both the existing terrain(surface) ánd the designed surface.

In the tables now it is only possible to show the Reference Surface of that Structure.

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Tables and figures can add depth and clarity to your writing. But your readers may be confused or distracted if visual content suddenly appears in your document without an explanation. Avoid surprising your readers by following these five guidelines [for] how to reference tables and figures in text.

The definition of tables is quite narrow: tables are collections of data arranged in rows and columns.

But figures have a much broader scope. In fact, figures can be any of the following:

illustrations (e.g., line drawings, sketches, diagrams)
artwork (e.g., copies of paintings, etchings, woodcuts)
charts and graphs (e.g., pie charts, bar graphs, scatter plots)
samples of written music

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