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Reference Component Text in COGO/Survey Points.

Reference Component Text in COGO/Survey Points.

I wish COGO/Survey Points could have a Reference Component Text such there is in General Labels.  This would be very handy if you have Survey points that can be referenced to an alignment so the "Point Label" contain Station/Offset text from a selected alignment without having to add a second General Label.  I would also like to see them have the ability to Reference other Cogo Points so you can automatically label its relationship or differences from anoter COGO Point.  


For example if I have a calculated property corner cogo point #23 an we locate a found iron pipe (cogo point #123) north 0.05ft and East 0.08ft we can have the Point Label read.


Fnd 3/4" Iron Pipe

N:0.05', E;0.08'


And reference text that can refer to OTHER C3d objects as well (such as station and offset from a referenced alignment).  Elevation on a referenced surface etc.


Bump, bump, bump, please, please, please.




Not only the reference to an alignment but also for Surface object.


Imagine that you have 3 surfaces:


-Surface with your COGO points.

- EG TIN surface.

- Volume Surface (includes the first and second surface).



Now, you want to show the elevation of the Volume Surface as data in the label style of your COGO Points.

In a lot of softwares we can show this data in tlhe labels of the points.





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