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Raise Lower Pipe

Raise Lower Pipe

Could there be another utility that the user could select one or multiple pipes and right click to Raise or Lower Pipe by elevation or relative? Similiar to Feature Lines (Grading)?


For raise/lower relative, can you use the MOVE command and relative values, something like this:


Command: MOVE

Select Objects: (do so)

Base Point: (pick anywhere)

Second Point: @0,0,0.5 (raise 0.5, use negative to lower).

Not applicable

That is a solution. I typically do it that way, but it would be nice to have something like that; so you do not have to go through all the extra work (steps) to get to the result your looking for.


One less click and one less keystroke than Terry's way: Smiley Wink


Command: MOVE

Select Objects: (do so)

Base Point: 0,0,0.5 (don't pick)

Second Point: <enter> (use first point as displacement)


My problem with this method is that a seemingly random selection of pipes that I move have their associations with structures broken after I move them up or down. A Civil 3D command that would eliminate these unpredictable and unstable behaviors would be much preferable. I don't understand why this would not already be a feature in Civil 3D. Anyone else experience this?

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