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Radial Bearing Labeling and Input

Radial Bearing Labeling and Input

Radial Bearing is the most over looked aspect related to creating parcels in Civil 3D. Many non-tangent curves either depicted on a Plat or described in a legal description are defined by first specifying its Radial Bearing, which is a bearing from the start point of the curve to the radius; then further defined by Radius, Central Angle and Arc Length. 

Autodesk seem to believe that all non-tangent curves are defined by Chord Bearing. Currently, when creating a parcel either by Map Check, drawing lines/curves commands and using the transparent command there is no options, for creating a non-tangent Curve based on having a Radial Bearing. This forces the users to manually calculate the Chord Bearing for Map Check routine or having to manually draw the radial bearing and radius distance, then calculate the end point of the curve by drawing another line by turned angle using the central angle and radius. Then they can draw the curve. 

This is a lot of needless extra steps could be replace by using a Radial Bearing type command or (‘RB) transparent command which would work exactly like drawing a line with Bearing Distance (‘BD) command. Radial Bearingtype command or (‘RB) transparent command will all you to enter the Quadrant, Bearing, Radius point, Radius Distance then a choice of Central (Delta) angle or Arc Length. 

Status changed to: Accepted

<Peter Funk>: This has been a wish of mine on the AUGI wishlist since 2010, and I've pinged it every year since:

Add a Radial Bearing column to Civil 3D curve tables.

NMessina is absolutely correct -- NO ONE uses chord bearings for parcel creation, legal descriptions, lot check analysis, or anything else in current civil engineering/surveying practice. EVERYONE uses radial bearings AFAIAA.

Bless the programmer who adds this simple option.

-Randy Benson


There's still time to slip this simple fix into Civil3D 2018...

I'm patiently waiting myself, but not and holding my breath....


Please don't forget to add {curveRadialBearing} Land XML tag for so we can include Radial Bearing in our Land XML "General Legal Description for Parcel" reporting tools and Phrasing file.   I believe it should be the same as {curveStartDirection}.


It's 2020 now...the Year of The Corona Virus, has this issue been Fixed Yet? can we now have "Radial Bearings" show up in our "MapCheck Analysis"??? Can we print our Survey Calc's & Lot Closures and have them show the "Radial Bearing"???


Thanks in Advance,


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