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"Folders" in Surface Definition

"Folders" in Surface Definition

I would like to see something similar to folders in the surface definition.   We often use borders and surface edits like smoothing. 

I would like the ability to have folders where I could place additions to the surface.  Place a folder with "Add Breaklines".  Breaklines would be added into this folder.  Other additions like points, edits and boundaries would also appear in folders.  The folders would control the order of definition.  

That way, we wouldn't have to continually edit the defintion to place boundaries and edits at the bottom.


I don't think folders would be an appropriate solution.  Sometimes you want specific edits to be above or below other specific edits.


Maybe make it so that an edit's order is locked relative to other edits and/or positions.


i.e. One edit is always last.  This other edit is always below this other edit.  This edit is always above this edit.  Or it could have no tie at all and it would just fall into the last AVAILABLE position (so that if an edit is marked as being "Always last", then the new edit would be placed above it).


Having said that, I'll go ahead and vote for it to help bring awareness to the issue.

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. The development team will review the idea while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.


I absolutely agree with @doni49 


I love this idea of "always last" for outside boundary.

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