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"Adding" or "removing" spirals in the alignment.

"Adding" or "removing" spirals in the alignment.

An entity of the alignment can be composed by 1, 2 or 3 subentities.


There is an easy trick in some softwares where we can add or not an IN spiral or OUT spiral among straight lines and arcs whenever we want.


A way to do this in Civil 3D is changing the length of the spiral to a value near 0 such as 0.00001


However, instead of changing that value in the Spiral in the Editor Geometry, I would like a new column (checkboxColumn) in the data table of the Editor Geometry to enable/disable some subentity. Civil 3D internally changes its length to 0 if we disable the subentity.




If we enable again that subentity, then the length recovers its original value.  (the last value in the length cell)


Moreover,  if we disable an spiral and then  we get a report about the alignment or we are using Design Criteria, the spiral should be ignored.


Obviously, those subentities which have an editable length (for write) will have that checkbox. If the length is for read (calculated value), then the subentity won´t have a checkbox, so we won´t be able to disable it.

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