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Quick Surfaces in civil 3D

Quick Surfaces in civil 3D

Currently in Auto CAD Civil we have quick profiles and quick cross sections.

What my suggestion is to have an option for Quick Surfaces in C3D. 


  • Suppose we have survey data in terms of points, Contours, Figures etc.
  • Say we need to check the ground conditions of a small section.
  • As for now we have to create a surface for this section and get an idea about the ground.
  • What I propose is in quick surface option we create a boundary using polylines in the area of concern and civil 3D automatically use 3D survey objects to create a quick surface.
  • Sometimes C3D can ask for an option what data to select for surface creation.   


Hope this will be a good option for Civil 3D. 

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If you need to examine the ground at a glance you don't need to create a surface for it. I suggest we Just need the quick surface option to view it and then remember/forget it. Just like quick profile.

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