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Quick Select for COGO points by either point style or point label style

Quick Select for COGO points by either point style or point label style

QSelect works perfectly using some properties of COGO points, but not using styles.

In some cases when points got their styles not from point group but from description keys we can't build a set using labels.


Add point style and point label style to the list of properties which QSelect can use. I'm sure it would be a very useful feature.


Yes, even for "selectsimilar" command. We can filter by "object style" but it doesn´t take into account really the C3D object styles.


Another possibility which I use often is creating a new Point Group to filter points, but in this case, there is no Point Style and Point Label Style selection in "Include" or "Exclude" tab.


Another workaround to do this right now, and maybe the unique is from the datatable, sorting by the "Point Style name" (press on the header of the Style column).

Select multiple rows by pressing Shift or Ctrl keys and then right click in the mouse to "Select" them in the drawing:




To select points by their apparent style (and many other properties), we added the BuildPointSelectionSet tool to the Sincpac-C3D add-on. You might want to check that out.

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