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QTO - Pay Item Formula with more Variables

QTO - Pay Item Formula with more Variables


It would be GREAT if the Pay Item Formula in Quantity Take Off Manager had more variables when creating expressions. Currently, we have these four variables:




When I create an expression for pipes, I have tons of possible variables to use. And these expressions can't be used in the Pay Item Formulas (if they could I would use QTO much more often).




Why not add more interesting information like part inner diameter, part covers...? In corridor modeling, shape volumes, shape areas...I use the property sets to calculate the volume of solids from a corridor and export it to Navisworks, but why not make it available to use in QTO?


Also, it would be nice to have in the properties palette if one object is associated with one or more pay items.


These enhancements would make QTO much more useful in workflows.



Hi Matheus,


it would be great if the Autodesk do some really basic improvements after 10 years...

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. The development team will review the idea while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.

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