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QTO enhancements

QTO enhancements

Extend the QTO functionality beyond the corridor object as not every project is a road/highway of lends itself to corridor modelling - any object in a drawing should be able to have a pay item associated with it.


Navisworks seems to be exclusively geared to Revit integration and the only QTO tool in Civil that isn't corridor biased is the good old Data Extraction.


Have you looked into the Quantity Takeoff Manager?


You can assign pay items to many objects in a drawing. Just tested and I was able to assign pay items to lines, polylines, arcs, circles and feature lines. You can also assign area pay items to hatches, closed polylines or pick inside a closed area.


Are you able to do a Screencast demostrating this?

I have created a screen cast as requested. You can find it here -


It is using civil 3d 2015 and the pay item list and categorisation files from my work, but you can use any pay item list to do the same thing.


Thanks for the video Andrew. I'm out of the office for a few days but will check it out when I'm back in

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