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Publish/Export Data to Grid Coordinates from Ground Coordinates

Publish/Export Data to Grid Coordinates from Ground Coordinates

Our firm has started working in 'Ground Coordinates', versus working on a mapping plane coordinate system, such as UTM. This is simply to ensure that a 100m measurement in CAD, correlates to a 100m measurement in the field.


After we have completed a project, we are required to submit our plans to the approving authority (generally a municipality or government department) so they can incorporate the work into their GIS systems. These approving authorities require that we submit our plans on a mapping plane (grid coordinate).


I'd like the ability to scale the finished linework from ground coordinates to grid coordinates. Maybe this could be incorporated into the 'export to AutoCAD' functionality.


Oh you poor soul. Having to draft in ground.



Not applicable

Have you investigated the survey database? I'm no expert but I have seen this functionality demonstrated using the survey database.  You can model in grid coordinates or ground coordinates and change the coordinates. 


Some processing work has to be done on things such as a corridors to generate the content for the DB, so this works but you should only really be transforming information between systems when it is ready to be shared to the field.  Otherwise the whole project design should be carried out in the same coordinate system to allow for federation and design review by coordinators (or perhaps delivered when you look at Civil 3D, Revit to Navisworks for example).

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