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Project Explorer - Paste into Columns

Project Explorer - Paste into Columns

I would like the ability to paste into columns in project explorer. 

In our case, we calculate HGLs outside of Civil 3d.  We have the elevations in a spreadsheet.  It just seems kind of crazy that we can't paste by column into this table view.

It would also be great to be able to copy by column.



Or even simpler, just allow direct editing in the table, vs double click to a dialog.

It appears to be an editable table view, but alas, not editable.

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @cwitzel , 

Currently values in Project Explorer can be edited only if those values are available via the Civil 3D API. Any of those supported values are shown in purple text in the Project Explorer window. We are planning to enable more values to be editable in the future.

You've probably noticed that the values you can edit must be done via a secondary dialog box. We will do some research into how we might eliminate the need for the secondary dialog box so you can directly edit the values in the table.

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