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this is akash kolamkar professionally i am a highway design engineer.

my concept is regarding Profile view, when we use section models in civil we will get option named "Section view group Properties" so we can modify group properties of all section band. but in case of Profile view, we need to go particularly to every profile view for edits i think we need an group properties function.



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Hi Akash,


This is indeed something that could do with some improvement. In the meantime, there is a tool available in the ANZ Country Kit that helps with this process. You simply select a 'source' profile view, then select the 'destination' view, and all of the settings (data bands etc.) are copied across immediately.

You can download the kit from


The tool is found under the Toolspace / Toolbox / Australia and New Zealand Reports Manager / ANZ Tools / Profile View Databand Copy

 Profile View Databand CopyProfile View Databand Copy



Andrew Milford

Sr Product Manager - Civil Infrastructure

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