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Profile Views: Workflow Improvements for Showing Utilities and Other Geometry

Profile Views: Workflow Improvements for Showing Utilities and Other Geometry

Came to Civil 3D from Revit. In Revit, creating a surface profile [in Revit, section] that shows all geometry parallel and crossing it is a two second process. Hiding geometry one doesn't need is easy as is changing colors and styles. Learning profile view creation in Civil 3D made me a little sick to the tum-tum. The labor cost of creating, editing, and maintaining profile views is very heavy in comparison, and the output is much more error-prone.


Here's my recommendations to make this PV processes simple and profitable:

  1. Including too much data when creating a profile view is usually better than excluding geometry. Missing geometry can result in confusion and many $$$ of construction rework. Automatically include any geometry that crosses or is referenced to a profile.
  2. "Deleting" a structure or pipe profile in one Profile View should never automatically remove it from other PVs. Make object deletion a per-view action or provide a "Remove from all profiles" option.
  3. Automatically infer crossing pipe styles for crossing pipes.
  4. Improve the Pipe Networks tab of the Profile View Properties
    1. Make the dialog live and non-modal.
    2. Show it as an editable grid when the PV is selected in Prospector.
    3. Highlight objects that cross or run parallel to the profile view's station range but are not in the profile.
    4. Highlight objects within PV the station range that fall above or below the vertical range.
    5. Filter out objects from the selection list within a definable distance of the profile line. One rarely needs to see a pipe that's 500' away from the profile in question. 

Thanks for your consideration!

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your post. In the future, would you please break each idea into a discrete, achievable topic? This will allow other customers to vote on which are the most important aspects of your collection, which in turn helps us prioritize where we might focus our efforts first.

I understand the reasoning behind wanting a one-click profile view that contains everything you might want. The downside of this in Civil 3D would be the potential impact to the performance of the drawing. That is, as more data is added to a profile view, performance of the overall drawing is impacted. To get around that, the profile and section views were built to enable you to progressively add the data you need.

I could see the potential to create a macro of sorts, which could enable you to set up a set of things you want added to a view given certain conditions.

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