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Profile Views from Multiple Alignments

Profile Views from Multiple Alignments

I recently completed a large subdivision project, with close to 100 Alignments.


A real time saver would have been the ability to create Profile Views from all Alignments in one go versus having to create individual views for each.


Maybe include a wizard for creating multiple Profile Views from multiple Alignments, similar to the way multiple views are created for Sections.


Include a listing of surfaces for common display.


Include a listing of pipe networks for common display, with a user defined proximity setting so we only get the pipes / structures within that defined limit, say 10m each side of the Alignment.


My intent for this functionality is more to do with the design process, rather than plan production, but I imagine it would be beneficial for that too.


What would be a cool idea is to use the "Zoom To" command. Click on the Alignment you want and then it will show to viewports with the associated profile view in one and then the plan view of the viewport....

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I am a .net developer looking for ideas. Do you think it is a good idea to develop an addin for the purpose of this thread?



I would think so. Anyone who works with alignments and profiles would us this.

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I just finished developing the first release of an addin for this purpose, and the App Store is reviewing it. Hopefully you can get it in a few days, but before that you may want to take a look at it on my website. I'd appreciate your comments and feedback.


see this app:


create profile view for multiple alignments


Have you looked into the CCLS Productivity Tools? We have apps that do exactly what you want to do. Create multiple alignments, profile views, and pipe networks simultaneously.

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