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Profile View Style - Automatic Scale

Profile View Style - Automatic Scale

In the Profile View Styles, Can we add the option to Automatically Label the Horz and Vert Scale to it? I have seen some used Annotated Text, others add Labels, (Which is not a bad idea.) But if we can just adjust the scale of the text and maybe have an option to check box that option if we wanted it to be shown.


The PV H & V scales can be included in the PV Style now. I setup all of my PV Styles years ago to always label the Alignment Name and the scales. If you want these placed centered under (or above) the PV, then some trickery needs to be used, as the scale properties are only available to be added to the Graph View Title. So what you do is add them, then select those items in the preview window, CTRL-X, close that window, then open the desired Axis Title Text and paste the scales there:


12-5-2016 6-58-43 AM.png

12-5-2016 7-02-32 AM.png


I will put this to rest! Thanks Jeff for the response.

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