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Profile Selection from Profile View Contextual Ribbon

Profile Selection from Profile View Contextual Ribbon

I've taught way toooooo may beginner classes and one thing that always comes up in each class is the horrible selection method when using the Profile Properties button from the Profile View Contextual Ribbon. The command is set up to allow the user to select as many profile objects as they want. This leads to problems since you can only see one profile properties window at a time.


I propose the workflow to be changed to allow the user to select only one profile, that way it goes directly to the dialog box. Pressing the enter after selecting the profile sucks. It's especially hard for new users to remember to look at the command line to see that they need to press enter. We have sooo many useless changes in the UI, why not make this one that will actually make Civil 3D easier to learn?


I had created a video showing the steps, but it looks like Screencast is down or the network is preventing me to upload.

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