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Profile labels and Station Equations

Profile labels and Station Equations

We need the Profile labels be able to read station equations accurately. Right now we have not found a way for it to read the Station Value and Deflection Angle of our Horizontal Alignment in the profile view. We would also like to have the expressions be available for the Profile labels. In plan view we have been able to get this label to work. 


I agree.  The hroizontal angle change is not available as a choice in a profile label and I have asked AutoDESK about this.

You can get this on a profile view by using a band label, however, the control on the presentation of the label is limited by what you can achieve with a band label.

I too would like to see alignment data become available as label data selection in profile labels.

Peter T




I really like this idea. I need this indeed. Being able to read the station equation in profile and section views would be really useful.

Best regards!

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