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Profile Label

Profile Label

It would be useful to be able to label a profile (Name or Description). If the profile moves the label stays attached. This would primarily be used to label "Existing Grade, Proposed Grade, Line A etc". This could be done similar to a dragged state of a surface contour label.


Currently I can label label the profile in the profile labels but it has to be done at an interval specified and I normally don't want it at an interval. Or it can be done with a profile view or mleader label that does not update if the profile changes.  All three options have there downfalls because they do not allow you to simply label once and be dynamically tied to the profile.


To help clarify, you want a "fixed" label that follows a profile? If so, what's the anchor that keeps it in a place when the design changes? Are you wanting it to stay with a profile sub-object, like a tangent, curve, VPI, or have it station/offset based? 

I would say that the most useful way to label it would actually be a profile view label, a label picked at this point will display the component setup and if the profile is moved the label will move with it (profile view station)



If the goal is to have the label move as the profile changes, it seems like a profile label would be the way to go (as opposed to a profile view label). Do the Alignment Single Segment labels behave in the manner you would expect for this case?

Any kind of label that you could just pick the profile and have it attached (1) label to the profile would be great.


I would like the same labeling option for offset profiles too. If I have CL design profiles that has labels at PVIs, I'd like to be able to have labels that are dynamic to the same station of those PVIs and dynamic to the offset profile elevation.  This could be handled with a list of stations.  By default the list would match the CL, but could give the users that ability to ADD or REMOVE stations.

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