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Profile Band Labels

Profile Band Labels

It would be great if an expression could be made in the band label content. i.e. When reviewing highway alignment I usually look at the transitions with respect to the length*radius. There is no function that lets me add expressions in the text component editor.






In our case (Spain), for the Vertical Geometry band, we need to label K which is "100 *K" in Spain although we put directly the property Radius because it is the same but I agree that we need also Expressions in the profile band labels.


Agree with @Anonymous the flexibility of expression builder would be a great inclusion.
Additionally the ability to draw on data stored in an excel that could be based on chainage start end would also be great in the world of geotechnical drafting and other disciplines.

Some previous examples we have to include in the band data (and have had to add manually (or get creative with)) are listed below.  It is less troublesome on short projects, but when you have corridors that run for 50+ kilometers it can really slow us down.

Recent examples:

  • Identifying the geology intersecting with the design profile (at varying depths) as it passes through the ground. 
  • In flow depths
  • Highlighting zones of varying geological risk
  • Labelling project segment names/numbers

    An example of some latest bands (un able to be produced using band data):

    Thanks for listening.



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