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Profile Along Pipe Network

Profile Along Pipe Network

We routinely create a plan and profile of our drainage pipe networks.  This currently involves drawing an alignment on top of the pipe network.  Then if an associated drainage structure moves, we need to remember to adjust the location of the alignment.


We need some method that's a little better than this.  Maybe create a new alignment type (in addition to centerline, offset, miscellaneous) called Pipe Network.  Then anytime the structure is moved, the alignment would also move automatically.


Or maybe allow us to create a surface profile along with a profile view that follows the Pipe Network.  Here's one recent example.  The first image is the plan view of our sewer pipe leading to a lagoon.  The second is the profile of that pipe network.






I think I asked if they could make a method where we can attach/link a vertex of the alignments ontop of a civil3d pipe network. or reference it. that way as you move the pipe network structure, the vertex of the alignment would follow. Then there would be a way to detach it if need be.


Great idea, I have the same problem and agree.

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