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Pressure Pipe Appurtances Elevation

Pressure Pipe Appurtances Elevation

There should be a field in the Appurtance properties that has a different elevation for the structure surrounding the valve, currently the insertion point elevation is whatever you set your pipe elevation at, which is fine, but I need to show a structure table that has the rim of the structure surrounding the valve, not the elevation of the valve itself.

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Status changed to: Accepted

This idea seems to be related to one we have under consideration on our Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Public Roadmap. Please feel free to add a vote to it!


We are considering adding a way to select the structure (gravity part family and part size) and specify a floor clearance (distance above the inside floor of the structure), which would let us place a structure with the rim at the surface and the sump at the distance of floor clearance below the part.  Then that structure can report the rim elevation, sump, total height, whatever.

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