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Pressure Networks, it does not have bands for profiles Views in civil 3D 2017

Pressure Networks, it does not have bands for profiles Views in civil 3D 2017

Although I kept the hope that this version added, they persist in not enabling this type of band, which would greatly help for pressure lines in location or stake of fittings and valves, bottom dimensions, pipe bottom profile, etc.


I have to make several types of bands to obtain a longitudinal profile presentable and well technical, if I had this type of band would reduce the amount of bands.


Please, add this band.


Bandas de redes de presion.jpg




en español:


Pressure Networks, no tiene bandas para las visualizaciones de Perfil en Civil 3D 2017


Aunque mantenía la esperanza de que esta versión sea añadida, persisten no agregar este tipo de banda, lo que ayudaría mucho para las líneas de presión en la ubicación o estacado de los accesorios y válvulas, las dimensiones del fondo, el perfil del fondo de la tubería, etc
Tengo que hacer varios tipos de bandas para obtener un perfil longitudinal presentable y bien técnico, si tuviera este tipo de banda se reduciría la cantidad de otro tipos de bandas.
Por favor, añadan esta banda.


must have feature to be added.

Hi, if it has many features, as much or more than the pipes networks, it has enormous potential to design and to visualize interferences, but that data we do not have them in the types of band in the profile views.


Hello Mr.Aguilar,


have you managed to find a workaround via for example custom properties and custom data bands. I cannot make it work and I find it incredibly unbelievable.


Best regards



Hello, yes of course but they are data that I have to fill them and not to be used directly as properties, that is I have to use for example vertical, horizontal or sectional data geometry bands to mark the pipes, fittings or valves and if something is modified in the line the bands are not updated I have to edit or move again, that consumes time.


Best Regards



I remember this post that I published more than 2 years ago and seeing that this tool could finally be incorporated makes me very happy, it is a great benefit to the whole community and users that we thank Autodesk. Thank you


Download your version of civil 3d 2020 and your updated 1 to have this new type of bands.


CIVIL 3D 2020.1


Status changed to: Implemented

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