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Pressure Networks Import/Export to GIS

Pressure Networks Import/Export to GIS

I'd like to be able to Import and Export Pressure Networks to GIS formats (i.e. SDF, SHP, etc.).


This may seem an unpopular item, however, when companies look to early adopt technology, even if it means not using and Autodesk based solution, portability and actual functionality is key to pioneer such.

We absolutely need this capability in order to be able to consistently import/export .shp data. We are leveraging A/R technology along with this which all stems from the data we create in C3D. Without such, we cannot separate ourselves out of what we've always done, nor from our competitors. From a customer and 3D standpoint, being able to do such with Gravity Networks seems less feasible than currently not being able to do so with Pressure Networks.


The need to move data around is key to our survival and continued use of your products.


When pressure networks can be exported to IFC, it should be possible to import his file into ArcGIS.  Adding the import/export/update ability to the existing ArcGIS online tool would be even better.

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