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Preliminary Design - Component Road Workflow to Civil 3D

Preliminary Design - Component Road Workflow to Civil 3D


To have a true Preliminary to Final Design efficient workflow with Civil 3D "as advertised" we need to have Component roads come into Civil 3D as Corridors....ready to go to work.


The lanes, curb and gutter, sidewalk, shoulders, median, and other Components in Infraworks should  be mapped and automatically converted to their corresponding logical subassemblies in Civil 3D.


Such as:


Infraworks                                     Civil 3D


Lanes  >>                      Subassembly.LaneSuperelevationAOR

Curb and gutter >>       Subassembly.UrbanCurbGutterGeneral

Shoulder >>                  Subassembly.ShoulderExtendAll

Roadside Grading >>     Subassembly.DaylightMultiIntercept

Median >>                     Subassembly.MedianRaisedWithCrown



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Because of the fact that so much work would have to be re-done in C3D anyway, we don't use InfraWorks -- we just do the preliminary work in C3D.  If going from IW to C3D were more of a seamless workflow, then we'd probably make use of it.

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