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Possible Migration or Copy Drawing to new Drawing

Possible Migration or Copy Drawing to new Drawing

I am seeing people say to get ride of the errors or laggyness to copy your stuff out of the old drawing and paste it into a new drawing. Is that true? If it is; is there a wizard or easy workflow that we can tranfer / migrate / or copy our old drawing into a new drawing?

For example; If i have a drawing that was originally created in 2013 or 2014. Then I work in it in 2015, i have some laggyness. but if i copy it out and paste it, it seems like the drawing and performance behaves responsively.


The thing is when I copy stuff over i get the (Civil3D Objects with a 1 on it). Maybe its just me...

Yes! There has to be a way of easily copying stuff over to a new drawing without having any affect on objects, styles, viewport layer overrides... on and on it goes. I'm not suggesting this would be easy programming wise. Nevertheless, the reality is that dwg files (particularly C3D) seem to degrade over time. If that's the reality, then there needs to be effective ways of mitigating it. At the moment all we have is "recover" and wblock.
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