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Possible Fix for Data Shortcut Folder Glitch

Possible Fix for Data Shortcut Folder Glitch

When working on a current project, you want to pull a Civil 3D object from a previous project - IE previous phases, studies, etc, and the working folder got moved to a different drive designated as an archive. It is common that the user will have read-only access to that drive. So when you set the working folder to the respective folder in an archive folder and then pull a civil 3d object such as a surface to base your current design on. When you are done with your design and wish to save the newly created surface in a data shortcut folder, you would want to change the working folder to your current project's folder since it is set to the archive folder, it appears to be trying to save the data shortcut folder before setting a new working folder but because of the read-only status, it can't and crashes instead. 


A current workaround is to save forward the old drawing with the data from the read-only folder to the new folder but that means there are now two sets of drawings containing the same thing and can lead to confusion especially if something is accidentally changed. Another workaround is to request for temporary access to the read-only folder but then when disassociating, C3D will save the data shortcut folder...bringing the folder's last modified date to today and that can also cause more confusion. "Did something change between 2004 and now??" 


I can see this becoming common down the road as more data are becoming available electronically from previous works, so I would like to see an option to disassociate the project from the data shortcut folder without it having to "save" in order to avoid a crash because of the inability to write in the folder.

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