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Pond Design - Automatic Volume Grading

Pond Design - Automatic Volume Grading

We need an extension of the Grading object called the Pond Designer where the User can enter the required volume, and freeboard height above the required volume, then select the pond footprint. Then the Pond Designer would provide grading that delivers the required volume and freeboard height.


Below I attempt this with the current work flow using a Grading. I have three connected gradings representing a tiered pond in the same grading group. Actually, most detention ponds and reservoirs may not have tirerd grading, but it provides a robust example. The grading uses the EG surface for volume and (daylighting for the top tier). I need 540,000 cf of 100yr storage volume, so I ask the Grading to balance at 20,000 cy of cut. Let's neglect asking for freeboard for this example.


I received 20,000 cy of cut, but the unfortunatley pond spills at elevation ~2670, thus detaining only 378,280 cf. The Grading can not sense what I am asking for.


For detention pond design, we need the Pond Designer to have intelligence that can create the required detention/reservoir volume by recognizing the resultant spillover elevation.


This would be a essentially an everyday tool for land development designers and engineers.





I totally agree with this. Great idea! Think of all the time it will save and headaches. lol!


@fcernstand @RCBmstg007 the app Ponds Creation Tools allows you to set the pond footprint, the grading slope and the depth of the pond. The app will automatically create a pond surface and provide the respective stage-storage curve. The app will work mainly as an analysis tool, however you can use the app to quickly evaluate different options and obtain the design pond.


You can find a demo and video of Ponds Creation Tools in this link


The app is also available for sale in the Autodesk App Store


Will this work with and understand Forebay construction and sizing? Every example I've seen of this tool or similar ones treats ponds as a single pool. In my location and I suspect many others will need this functionality for this feature to be useful.

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