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Points from Corridor, Point Groups

Points from Corridor, Point Groups

In a drawing (development area) three roads are planned. (Attachment) For all three roads, the same cross-section applies. If "points from 3D profile body" are output for this case, then the problem arises, which the point 1 (number 1, with me on street "C-3") at the same time in all three point groups is registered !? 1. That's a gross mistake. 2. Why this? How can I avoid that? The function "Points from 3D profile body" forms the point group only from the "point code" of the cross section. Since all profile bodies have the same cross-section and all point groups are automatically formed with the option "Include" with "Overestimating short description", in the end all identically coded points are present in parallel in all point groups. First amendment: The function "Points from 3D profile body" does not form the point group from the "Point code" but from the point number (number range) assigned within the street, analogous to the function "Import points" (point creation tools).   2. Amendment: Part of the "point creation tools" are various settings. For example: point name template: If it would be possible to include the name template in the "Dots from 3D profile body" function, the "Names" field could be filled with the manually entered axis name or a somewhat denominated designation that can be used to create or narrow down the point group. 3. Amendment Extension of the mask "Points from 3D profile body to the option" Point group formation off ": - point number range - Point Names - Point Code   Addition of function: Option "Dot group formation off" - point number range - Point Names - Point Code

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