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Point Table

Point Table

We regularly create point tables for survey and control diagrams; (Annotate>Add Tables>Add Point Table).

If you desire to delete points from the DWG after the table is created, the points are removed from the table, however the rows remain. Dynamic or static, it doesn't matter, if the table is updated the rows still remain.  During the update you would think it would remove the empty rows as well.

Is this an isolated problem for us, or is it inherant in the software?


It would be great if the Table removed any empty rows without having go though the entire process of recreating the table.



Point Table.jpg


I always use a PointGroup for my tables and have never seen this issue. A quick test shows that tables created by PointGroup will update as expected, but those created by selection or by label style do not update. So until this is corrected, you could resort to using the PointGroup option.

Thanks for the info Jeff. I've seen this as well.
We have large projects with many control points in which the control tables
take up multiple sheets.
Because of this it's convenient to import all of the control points and
then just delete the ones we don't need, on a per sheet basis.

You'd think they could write the programming to function correctly no
matter which approach was taken but as usual we find ways of working around
the quirks.

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