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Point of clouds Manage in new Civil 3d 2018 version

Point of clouds Manage in new Civil 3d 2018 version

The latest version of C3D, point clouds option has been removed from toolspace . Now the data from lidars or drones can not be classified. It can only be done with Recap, taking a lot of resources from the computer because it is working in 3D. The point of clouds option could work in 2D. Also, with the point of clouds option, the workflow was quicker than now with Recap. Would be great, if Recap incorporating the same functions as the point cloud option, or to reconsider come back the Point of clouds option in future versions of Civil 3d.







Thanks for your feedback. We have been working on better point cloud handling and workflow to let user get best out of those point clouds in our AEC Suite (including Civil3D and InfraWorks). In that attempt we added a comprehensive workflow in InfraWorks to process point clouds data (Drone/mobile/static/terrestrial) to not only generate terrain/surface but also to extract features and easily bring them to C3D. Here is the quick link of that workflow from recent webcast.


It would be great if you can check this out, provide your feedback so that we can understand your needs better and make sure it fits well for your workflow.




Ramesh Sridharan

Hi Ramesh,
Thank you for your answer. I can see Infraworks is improving every day. In fact, I'm thinking in the future (with bigger machines), Infraworks and Civil 3D will be one only software. I saw the webcast. It is very interesting.  I have been able to see the new improving for Infraworks, but for specific jobs like drone data workflows, I continue thinking it is not enough. The Older version of Civil 3d had the point of cloud. With this workflow, you could manage big files in the background and 2D. Now with infraworks, Recap, it is necessary to work in 3D, consuming a lot of resources from your machine. I don't know if you are able to see my youtube video about the workflow managing drone data. You could understand me. I suppose some similar colleagues will be in the same situation than me.

However, I'm confident in the future will find the way to improve my workflow working with drone data.

Once, thank you for your answer.


I let you the link for the video.





Hi Manuel,

Let me check out your video to get more understanding. While launching the video I noticed it is in spanish, in case if I need more details will you be available for a web session to discuss your requirements in detail to make sure we have apt workflow/solution for you. Please use this email to contact me to discuss further as needed.



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